Dreamflight simulator pilot training courses are suitable and useful for all ages.

Who can participate;

  • Those who want to be a pilot, who are interested in aviation,
  • Those who will start pilot training and do not want to be foreign to terms and procedures during the training,
  • All aviation enthusiasts who are interested in or are interested in virtual aviation hobby at home,
  • Those who want to have a different experience and knowledge can attend these courses.

Our courses are given in 2 and 10-hour programs and are completely private. The first two hours of these trainings are given in 2-hour sessions and the remaining hours are given in real time by the Boeing737 simulator. Training hours are scheduled from 10:00 to 19:00 7 days a week, fully in accordance with your working hours.

Starting Package
/one time
  • Basic aviation information 2 hours
  • VFR Flight and Challenge Tour 2 Hours
  • IFR flight 1 Hour
  • Chart Reading and FMC Filling 1 Hour
  • Boeing 737 Systems and Engine Start 2 Hours
  • Navigation 2 Hours
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Gelişmiş Paket
/one time
  • Starting Package
  • Emergency 2 Hours
  • Virtual Airline Registration 30min
  • Online ATC Communication and Nav 2 Hrs
  • International Flight 2.5 Hrs
  • Emergency 2 Hours
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